Monday, 25 July 2011

I've got the 21st Century breathing down my neck...

It's a question I've never really thought about until now; what makes you a gamer?
The world is split into two types of people:
Those who play games, and those who don't.*
What makes you, personally, a gamer? Is it the rush you get after finally completing that part of the level you were stuck on? The excited, proud feeling you get when you get the achievement you've been trying to get for a while? Those moments where you feel at ease when you're at a memorable part of the game, or replaying a game full of nostalgia?
There are many things that make a gamer, and here are my thoughts.
-An enthusiasm for games and the industry
This might be an obvious one, but having an interest in the gaming industry and all games in general is something that makes a gamer.
When you read up on games, you know you've become trapped in the web of gaming. When you read up on games you don't even have, and maybe aren't planning to buy? This just shows your dedication to the gaming industry, and everything about games. By looking into all these different games, you're gaining knowledge of what makes or breaks a game, and expanding your views every time you read about a new game or a new way of playing games.
-Discussing games
Playing a game is one thing, but discussing them is something entirely different. By doing this, you're showing your love of video games, and are giving people a chance to hear your ideas on what's good/bad about a game you've played.
Going on forums to talk about games is also something gamers do, of course. Gaming is a hobby, but also an interest that is a very important thing in most gamers' lives, and has shaped some people to how they are now--whether it be more literate, more intelligent or more of an all-round awesome person.
-Being hyped about an upcoming game
Anyone who isn't into gaming basically facepalms when you talk about a game, and if you're excited for one that's upcoming, they facepalm even more. When you're excited about an upcoming game, you look out for the adverts on TV, you look out for posters around shops with the release date on, and you read up on the game. You might even watch the trailers over and over. No? Just me then...
This shows that you really show an interest in games, it's obvious, and is a great thing about gamers. One thing I've noticed is that those that don't play games generally aren't, well... easily pleased about things, whether it be films, music or books, and games especially. Gamers are truly the only type of person I've found to be enthusiastic about most things they're faced with, and that's why I'm proud to say that I'm a gamer.
*Even though, it isn't so simple--there are casual gamers, hardcore gamers, and just, well, gamers. Everyone has played at least 1 game in their lifetime, whether it be on a mobile, DS or even a game in an arcade, so quite a few people are gamers to an extent, even if they don't realize it!

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