Monday, 23 January 2012


Two words that get me angry, even though I apparently am one myself...and two words that stereotype every girl that plays games...girl gamers.
The word girl in front of gamer would insinuate that every gamer is male, apart from those that are female, whereby they are considered a 'female gamer'. Why, I ask, must girls that are gamers be called girl gamers? To me, this conjures up a disgusting image of the type of girl that says she likes to play video games to get all the males to like her even more. Or, the girl-oriented games (i.e., games that are specifically for girls)--Imagine Housewife!, Imagine Flowers!!! (or whatever they're called; I try not to take notice). The gamer girl thing does annoy me quite a bit, and I'll try and tell you why in this post.
First off; playing online is really difficult to deal with, and also results in a ragequit on my part. If there is a 'real' girl playing online, havoc breaks loose; PMs are scattered everywhere from adolescent (or old) drooling fools, wondering if you really are a girl (as in, one that is a real girl in real life, not a male  that uses a girl avatar), or horrible messages are sent, e.g., "get back to the kitchen" or "make me a sandwich". As funny as that sounds (which it really isn't), the sexist comments or annoying perverted jokes get old, and fast. Playing online when you're a female kind of makes you a target for everyone involved. If I went on a game where you can speak via microphone/headset, and anyone noticed I was a girl, they'd all be condescending and insulting to me. I'm sure other girls have experienced this, and I'm thankful I haven't.
Another thing that annoys me about gamer girls is the fact that, because they think they're something special because they play video games, they think they're allowed to be extremely slutty. They post pictures of themselves half-naked with only controllers covering certain parts, for example. What has the world come to? Are we really this ridiculously shallow and disgusting? For the males who like that kind of thing (i.e., girls who play games being extremely slutty only to bat down compliments with a modest "oh I'm not that pretty"), it's all good. For the females that play games just for, well...playing games, it's extremely intimidating and annoying, in all honestly.
Recently 'TradeChat' decided to try and become 'king of the web' ( She's a girl. She plays games. One of the main things that got peoples' attention? Her portfolio of pictures. Of herself. Yay! Another batch of pictures of a female who's in love with herself! Just what we needed. But, she plays games--she's allowed to do that. Once you admit to playing games while being a girl, everything changes--you become some kind of dream girl. You get away with a bit more.
Little do some people know, games, well...don't make a person, as weird as that must sound. I know! A hobby not making a person entirely. Crazy, right? Well, no. I'm sure you don't need me to tell you why it infuriates me that girls get all this attention just because they play games and act like they don't realize they're a girl. I'm sorry, I forgot I was being slutty, it's okay--I play games. You still like me don't you? And the cycle continues...
Enough ranting from me, I'm sure you understand what I'm getting at. Girls use everything in their power to seem attractive to everyone around them to get their own way, and using games as an object in their plot is one of the things that works pretty well. This is why some people are definitely not worth dealing with! After all I said, though, I do admit I like some girls who play games that are true to themselves and don't play up to the guys around them, and are fun to be around, but there aren't many girls like that--even in general.